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  • Ecstasy overdose claims another life

  • Ecstasy abuse increasing again in many areas

  • Learn the effects of ecstasy and how to treat symptoms

  • Abuse of ecstasy and similar drugs carries major risks

  • Drug rehabilitation needed to recover from ecstasy toll

  • Ecstasy abuse damages mind and body, requires treatment

  • Increase in deaths involving ecstasy show need for rehabs that work



    Success Stories
    Happy man with arms outreached"I came to Narconon in a rather terrible condition. I felt as though I would never recover hope. I thought myself a lost cause. I had spiraled out so far I had no idea who I was anymore and why my life had gone to pieces. I Ö felt distant and empty when I looked inside.

    I didnít realize it at the time but [the sauna program] gave me a body that operated at full speed again. My mind became clear as it had not been for ages.

    I have never quite met a challenge such as this. I was opening my heart and changing my perception in a way that could only be called amazing. I learned so much about myself from doing the simplest exercises. All of a sudden I was on top of the world again. I was opening my mind to a way of thinking that I had allowed myself to believe that I would never achieve. I became in touch with my senses and started to feel the world around me for what seemed like the first time.

    Then continued to courses which filled in the gaps my life had. I now know I am in full control of my life and capable of existing on this planet as a whole being.

    I am forever grateful to the staff for guiding me through the darkest parts of my life and never once discouraging me. I have faced my inner demons, shed my addiction and completely rebuild my entire self. I can feel again, see clearly again, love again. I have miraculously saved my life. I hadnít realized it until now, but, Iím back! Narconon saved my life. Iím free. No more addiction. I canít believe how far you guys have helped me travel, how strong youíve taught me I could become. I love each and every person that has been there for me along the way."

    Iím finally free, I love you,

    "I realize that I am walking away from a life of bad character and moving towards a life of happiness. I am now able to confront myself and my past and control the direction my life is going. I feel I can handle the obstacles in my life and not create a bunch of new ones. I am willing and interested in life now. I give more weight to learning more in the future. I don't know everything, and feel I need to continue to exercise my mind and open my heart. I am so very grateful to everyone for their help and guidance on this path."

    "When I first came to Narconon I knew I had a drug problem and thought coming here would just solve my drug addiction. I was underestimating the Narconon Program. I learned about why I have a drug addiction and that doing drugs was the solution I used to solve other issues in my life. I learned how to communicate with myself, with others, and with my body. I learned how to fight through bad days and accomplish my goals. I also learned to trust people. I learned that people do want to help without wanting something in return. I highly recommend the Narconon Program to anyone with drug or alcohol issues."

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